Magnamalus awaits.

Monsters of Murka is headed to The Big, Gay Apple.

Our second major expansion to the satirical world of Murka, Chromatic Gamut, is coming to Kickstarter on June 1st, 2021.

Magnamalus is Monsters of Murka’s hilarious, high-fantasy version of New York City—but, with an interesting twist. Many years ago, the Wall Stone Bill passed giving power back to the people and allowing any member of the LGBTQIA+, also referred to as the people of the Chromatic Gamut, to hold office and truly influence their city. Magnamalus became a safe haven for members of the Chromatic Gamut, where being out and Queer is not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Every city has its problems though, and Magnamalus is no exception.

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Monsters of Murka: Chromatic Gamut

Monsters of Murka: Chromatic Gamut is our all-new, Queer-led, Queer-designed expansion to the world of Monsters of Murka.

Heed the call of the Big City and travel to Magnamalus, where you can find:
Subclasses like the Pride Cleric, Path of the Stone Barbarian, Transhumanist Artificer, and the Genderfluid Druid.
Monsters like the unicorn parrot familiar, garbage elementals, polychromatic dragons, and the Kink Monsters.
Spells like Hot Gossip, Girlboss, Glyph of Validation, Galaxy Brain, and Hey I'm Walking Here.
Magic items like Explosive Glitter, Everything Bagels, Sappho's Spellbook, and Bitten Coins.
New backgrounds for Queer Archivists, Sapphic Poets, and Polycuties.
New rules and options for everything from building and maintaining a community, to sidekick tracks, to feats and factions!

A brightly-colored rainbow unicorn parrot familiar.

Warrior Poets revelling in their victory

If you're already familiar with the world of Monsters of Murka, skip on down to the big, periwinkle section below.

If not, then you might be asking yourself...

What is Monsters of Murka?

The Monsters of Murka core campaign setting is a Gold Platinum best-seller on DriveThruRPG.

It's an immersive "playable parody" of United States pop culture designed for fifth edition, filled with recognizable references, bad jokes, and meme-worthy monsters, all of which are designed and balanced to be taken into your own home campaigns outside of Murka!

Within the core book, you can find:
Subclasses like the Brobarian, the Lone Ranger, the Action Hero fighter, and the Affluenza sorcerer.
Monsters like the fearsome draguns, freedom dragons, oil elementals, and the birdgeoisie.
Spells like Boom, BOOOOM, Eye of the Tiger, Yee Haw, and Metric Confusion.
Magic items like Belle's Bathwater, a Map of Flat Urth, Mountain Mist, and the sacred Stones of Destiny.
New rules for firearms and explosive weapons.

The hardcover edition of the core Monsters of Murka book
The hardcover edition of Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail

In 2020, we funded our fiery follow-up, Monsters of Murka: Restaurants & Retail, in under 36 hours! Restaurants & Retail was an ambitiously-large and flavorful dish, served with a side of sarcasm and a heaping helping of hilariousness.

Within it, you can journey to Flavor City, the Hall of Murka, and Walmoria to find:
Subclasses like the Gourmomancer Wizard, Saucerer bloodline, Custodian Artificer, and the Cash Dough-main Cleric.
Monsters like flavor dragons, spice elementals, poultryoshka, and the Walrog.
Spells like Animate Food, Copy/Pastry, Oh Snap, and Meatier Storm.
Magic items like Brain Bleach, Cuckoo Cola, Glitter Bombs, and Phil the Swift’s Flexible Seal.
New backgrounds for Flavor City citizens, Hallrats, and Benne Jerryzet ice cream neophytes.
A new subraces option for flavor dragonborn, complete with a belch-based breath weapon, and alternate rules for cooking up food infused with your draconic soul.

Look, Ma! We're famous!

Okay, so we're not actually famous. But we've been around the block.

Monsters of Murka boasts a 5-star average rating on DriveThruRPG, is a Gold PLATINUM best-seller, and was a #1 Dungeons and Dragons product.

It's even been referred to as "the Blazing Saddles of RPG supplements."

Monsters of Murka has been featured on
• The Critical Success podcast from Adam Baffoni
• The Nerdy People Play DnD podcast
• The Comics, Clerics, and Controllers podcast
Evilzombie's Lair.

Get the Core Book

Get the core book for only 9.99 on DriveThruRPG.

Get the Restaurants & Retail

Late-pledge for Restaurants & Retail in softcover or hardback from $35 on DriveThruRPG.

Lord Guillaume Fierre, the Flavor Savior of Flavor City

So, what's in Chromatic Gamut?

Here's a hint: The in-house working title for this book was "The Big, Gay Expansion."

Magnamalus is under threat by what the people of the city refer to as The Noir: An arcane, monochromatic darkness that falls over portions of the city, sucking the life and color out of everything it touches. No one knows how or when The Noir will strike, but many have tracked its power back to the Magnum Bull and his capitalistic SHI-Tech enterprise.

A garbage elemental, comprised entirely of refuse, roaming the streets of Magnamalus

Everything The Noir touches transforms into a bygone-era version of itself, twisted into an out-dated, odd, old-fashioned way of life. Nothing colorful remains, and anything left is exploited and repurposed for “profit.”

Fight back against the corps, and put the power back into the hands of the people by building your community and sticking it to the BS businesses, corporate gentrification, and rampant capitalism!

And speaking of capitalism...

That's where you come in! In order to make this book the best it possibly can be, and to print it and bring it to life in meatspace real-life, we need your help!

We've turned to Kickstarter in the past to bring our previous two books to life, and y'all really seemed to enjoy those for whatever reason. So, we're doin' it again! But this time, way bigger, and WAYYYY gayer.

So, before you read any further, make sure you head over to the Kickstarter page for Chromatic Gamut!

A vogue monk, with bronze skin and big, curly hair, posing and receiving a perfect score from several judges in the background

A bloodhunter healing their orcish ally. A sign over the hunter's face reads "For Legal reasons, this is not a celebrity."

Okay, so how gay are we talking?

This book makes football bats and three-dollar bills look 0% Queer.

Action Fiction created Monsters of Murka to serve as a parody of pop culture in America. Something that has been sorely missing from the 5e world is blatantly-silly queer material. Chromatic Gamut was created as a queer-led and designed supplement book for 5e that puts the players of every gender, sexuality, and orientation in a position to fight back against the gentrification and exploitation of queer creations by corporations. Gentrification disproportionately affects POC and we did not shy away from this concept in our book; using the real experiences of the POC in our writer’s room to give them the power to fight back.

We put together a queer team of writers and artists, largely made up of BIMPOC, to create our most authentic and hilarious supplement yet. Taking in voices from every letter of the alphabet soup, we wanted to make sure our book reflected the experiences and humor of all members of the queer community, without exception. We wanted to remove all the walls that have ever said “that’s too Queer to go in the book” and instead say “can we make it more Queer? Is it possible for us to just make everything Queer?"

The answer is yes, and we did just that!

What the hell is in this thing?

Chromatic Gamut has 14 new subclasses ready and waiting for you!

The Bloodhunter Order of the Donor can save lives with the life-giving force of their magical blood, or use it to defend their friends in combat.

Fight back as the Path of the Stone Barbarian, whose key feature is protection over damage. Defending your allies is the perfect way to pay homage to the powerful individuals that passed the Wall Stone Bill, and those who raised the first brick in defiance.

Or, live through your art as the Vogue Monk-- whose power comes from their death dip gorgeous abilities. Fight long range, force players to fall prone from your amazing poses, and learn new ways to channel your ki.

We’ve got 69,000 words for you to read and enjoy!

The Lone Muskrat, chewing on a cattail weed, carrying a large cheesewheel which reads "CHEESEX"
  • 35 Monsters

  • 14 Subclasses

  • 19 Magic Items

  • 10 Spells

  • 7 Locations

  • 1 new Pantheon with 8 new Gods

  • 5 Factions

  • 5 Backgrounds

  • 4 Feats

  • 2 Side-Kick Tracks

Who is this book for?

LGBTQIA+ Ga(y)mers

This book is not for TERFs, racists, fascists, bigots, or the ultra-rich.

Every member of the LGBTQIA+ is welcomed in this world, and we do not shy away from shining a light on the good, the bad, and the ugly in the Queer community either. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and you deserve the grit and grind, just as much as you deserve silly unicorn parrots and werehouses.


Maybe you’re not Queer, but you want to enjoy this book too! That’s great, and there are tons of materials that allies can engage with to run their most inclusive campaign yet.

With dozens of capitalistic creatures to fight back against, the looming destruction that gentrification can bring to any city, and the ability to build a supportive and diverse community? This book has everything you could want to build your campaign—and, who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some fantastic Queer people on the way.

Psst... come hang out with us on our Community Discord Server!

Monsters of Murka is a playable parody designed to offer commentary on the state of affairs in the world, as well as to give you an opportunity to grapple with the challenges of the modern day in a setting that you control. We feel satire and parody can be silly just as easily as they can be serious. We believe that satire and parody can be powerful tools when used appropriately—therapeutic, even.

We encourage you to use this book to serve that purpose. Or, use this campaign setting to educate others! Use this campaign setting to try out a new identity in a safe and familiar environment! The things you can do with this book are limited only by your imagination.

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This book makes football bats and three-dollar bills look 0% Queer.

Chromatic Gamut is Queer-led and Queer designed, from top to bottom! Our goal was to create a 5e supplement that shines a light on the Queer experience, giving every LGBTQIA+ person that power to be loud and proud in their fantasy setting. Chromatic Gamut is the new edition to the Monsters of Murka world, and this satirical commentary on New York is the perfect place to stage your new campaign.

We wanted to remove all the walls that have ever said “that’s too Queer to go in the book” and instead say “can we make it more Queer? Is it possible for us to just make everything Queer?"

The answer is yes, and we did just that!